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Match KangaSnooze with your baby's outfit!

Hop into one of our baby pouches and get comfy while we tell you why KangaSnooze is the better wearable baby blanket.

KangaSnooze, the only alternative wearable baby Blanket that lets baby be FREE. A Stylish and Safe design! Allows baby to move and groove to the their own beat. No restraints, zippers, velcro, straps or buttons.
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Amelia's Adventures

Amelia loves her KangaSnooze Baby Pouch!

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Meet Amelia
KangaSnooze Pouch Stay On
Wiggle and Giggle
Sleep Safe

A baby blanket that stays on!

Cream-colored Baby Pouch


No more baby blankets falling off your baby everytime she moves. Let your little one move freely and while you enjoy your bundle of joy.

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Happy Baby =
Happy Parents!

Our Mission, helping put moms and dad minds at ease, while babies can sleep safer and more comfortable in a KangaSnooze pouch.

Stay Covered

We've got you covered with comfort. All you need is a diaper and a t-shirt, we cover the rest!

Satisfaction Guarantee!


Infant Sleep Safety

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A blanket that stays on!