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An Inspiration of Love
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An Inspiration of Love



KangaSnooze Team

It all began with a need and a solution! This little guy was the inspiration for today's KangaSnooze Baby Pouches. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention.

The KangaSnooze Story

KangaSnooze is a family owned and operated business and we want to provide you and your baby the best and safest wearable baby blanket ... period.

Our story can be told in this series of progression:

1. The Birth of an Idea

KangaSnooze was birthed in 2017 and inspired by my young son, Levi. When Levi was just a few months old and started to move more, he didn’t like to be confined or have restricted movement. Even when sleeping, he moved around and kicked his legs ... a lot! I would place a loose blanket over him to keep him warm and invariably it would come off of him. After many days and many times of repeating the process of replacing the blanket, I thought to myself that there must be some way to keep the blanket on him ... there must be something that allows him to move as much as he wants without restriction while still keeping him warm. That is when I decided to create a simple wearable blanket that was safe and comfortable. I got busy and sewed together my unrefined version of a wearable baby pouch. I put it on my son and it fit him perfectly! And the best thing was that he loved it!! He was able to sleep, play, sit in his stroller, eat, and even begin crawling while remaining safe, warm and comfortable. Plus, we both slept better without the constant checking to see if he was covered and warm.

2. KangaSnooze for All!

This simple solution was a life-changer for me! Now I wanted to solve this problem for every parent and make one for every child. I set out to create the KangaSnooze product seen today: a warm, comfortable and wearable baby pouch. Over the years, I’ve been encouraged to see how KangaSnooze provides a simple solution and I’ve been able to help other parents with the same experience as mine.

3. Hopping into a Perfect Name

We finally landed on the name KangaSnooze as we felt it perfectly described the warm and safe pouch provided by our product. Our pouches replicate how a momma kangaroo nestles her baby (aka joey) inside her pouch, providing a warm, comfortable and safe environment.

4. KangaSnooze Today

Our baby pouches have a universal fit and are easy to put on your child. The pouches are made of soft and cuddly materials which are perfect for even those babies with sensitive skin. The stretchable waistband and comfortable liner (50% cotton/50% polyester) allows the pouch to remain secure on the baby while having no restrictions to the hips or legs. There are no zippers, velcro or buttons to worry about and our pouches can be thrown in the wash again and again. There are currently six pattern varieties to choose from. KangaSnooze is recommended for children up to 9 months old (or until your baby begins to walk).

KangaSnooze Baby Pouches are sold on our website and at Walmart (online).

Wearable blankets and sleep sacks are a suggested alternative by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) as they recommend keeping loose bedding and soft objects out of your baby’s sleeping area for at least the first 12 months.

Are you ready to purchase a KangaSnooze Baby Pouch?

Shop our products for a safe and secure sleeping solution for you little one.

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