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Dressing Up!
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Dressing Up!


Kangasnooze LLC

👶Comfortable!😃 Going to a Celebration, a party, getting dressed up? dressing your baby for an event. Almost like a surgeon during a surgery. here's your check list: Top, diaper, bottoms or maybe a dress, shocks, leg covers, shoes. Admiring your dimpled darling, happy with way they look. double checking to make sure you didn't forget anything, Then it happens, a soiled diaper, now undoing it all to change them. Some messes are worse then others, Slip your little one into a our wearable blanket they can be comfortable and so can you. Dress them when you get there. Or just a shirt (top) or a dress goes nicely, colorful onesie, fashionable and easy. Be the trend setter.

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