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Hospital Bag ... What to Pack?
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Hospital Bag ... What to Pack?



KangaSnooze Team

Here are just a few tips on what to pack for a hospital bag for the delivery of your bundle(s) of joy.

Comfortable Clothes

Pack a couple daytime and night time outfits, in case your stay is extended. If you're going to breast feed, make sure you bring along the modified clothing. Don't forget shoes, socks and slippers, a bra (Nursing Bra) and underwear.

Babies Clothes

Pack two to three options, depending on length of stay, and don't forget that picture outfit (for hospital pictures).

Baby Supplies

Diapers, pacifier and bottles are usually all provided by the hospital. However, if you're not sure what is provided, you can always call and ask the hospital or find out when you tour the hospital that you will deliver at.


You will also be provided with all the pads and self care for after delivery. But you will want to pack your own tooth brush and tooth paste, make up, contact case, deodorant, robe and maybe a towel. Again, just ask the hospital what they provide for you.

Special Blanket or Pillow

The hospital will provide pillows and blankets, but we all have a special blanket or pillow that just makes us feel good. Bring it or one like it … hey, or anything that brings that added “comfort” to you.

Camera and Cell Phone

Be sure to grab your cell phone … and if you want an additional camera, grab that too. Don’t forget to bring the charger!


Most hospitals will ask you for your medical insurance card and identification when you arrive.

A sincere Congratulations from KangaSnooze on your pregnancy!

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