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Treatment for heat rash or prickly heat
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Treatment for heat rash or prickly heat


You can usually treat heat rash or prickly heat at home by making sure your child stays cool and dry and avoids getting sweaty. This might include:

  • using air-conditioning if you live in a hot climate
  • dressing your child in light cotton clothing
  • avoiding too many layers when you dress your child or wrap your baby
  • removing sweaty clothing or wet nappies regularly
  • ensuring bedrooms are cool and ventilated
  • drying your baby’s skin folds after each bath.

To help your child with itchiness, you can give them a bath in lukewarm water. It’s best to avoid soap, because this can irritate your child’s skin. Use a soap-free wash or a simple moisturising bath oil if needed.

Pressing a cool damp cloth onto the affected area might also help your child feel more comfortable.

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